Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Blog Has Moved

Seeing as we got a new wedding website we thought we might as well have a new blog too! Click on "The Blog Has Moved" to be redirected to our new home.

You can now subscribe to recieve Email notifications of new posts. Look for the "As I See It RSS Feed" section on the right side of the page.

The first person to book a new session or wedding will recieve a free 11x14. Be sure to mention that you saw this on the blog!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our new website!

Our new wedding website! Check it out! You can access it from my current website.
I would love some feedback...
As for the old website... It will be getting an overhaul...the wedding stuff will come off and it will be strictly for portrait clients. I will be able to split up the galleries. There is going to be some awesome stuff posted up there....thanks to all my great clients!

PS I got my Nikon D3 today and it exceeds my expectations. I can not wait to get out and play with it...hmmmm maybe this saturday's session.
I did make the mistake of letting Jeff try he wants one!!!

What's new....

Well, the studio is almost finished...flooring goes in on Feb 12th. Yeahoo!
Now I just have to decide what I want for large's always so hard to decide!
I had a beautiful little baby girl in our home last night for her newborn picture's. We got some real cute one's.... be on the lookout for those!
My Nikon D3 finally came in so I am going to pick that up today...very exciting!! I can't wait to try it out.
Hope everyone is keeping warm,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Give me strength....

These are a little late but better late then never! These are picture's from our Christmas holidays! Client's stuff comes first.
We had a wonderful visit with both our families and had a lot of nice quality time together. We ate to much, drank to much, laughed to much but could not get enough hugs from our families. We miss them greatly but LOVE seeing them as much as possible!
Below is a picture in a series of four I took. I love those little words on rocks so I got four different words.. put each in a different setting and am going to frame all four in a collection on metallic paper! Here's strength!

The drive to the B.C. Ferries

With Starbucks in hand we hit the road at 6:30am with good intentions of getting to Victoria nice and early..hmmmm
There was ton's of snow on the highway and everywhere you looked there were cars in the ditch so we took it nice and easy but I was sure glad we have 4x4. The picture of the semi is near many may know...snow and lower mainland drivers do not mix...accidents galore!

Highway closed..pretty detour ahead!

Just after Hope there was a major accident that closed the highway...after sitting on the highway for almost 2 hours they turned us around and re-routed us through Mission. What a beautiful drive...the two with the blue sky were taken out the window by myself..yes I was driving but just to make sure we didn't crash Jeff took the steering wheel from the passenger seat! Don't worry I slowed down...
The black and white print we stopped and got out of the vehicle to is now a gorgeous 24x36 print hanging at the top of our stairs. I am glad we took the time to stop for that one...

Waiting for the BC Ferry...give me some wine!

After a 12 hour drive to the Ferries from Kelowna ( should have been 5) we just wanted to get on the Ferry and get to Jeff's parents...unfortunately we missed the boat and had to wait for the next one...argh. Bring on the wine!
Pretty sunset though!